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Aircraft Ocean blue polo shirt

However, this lift process inevitably causes a retarding force called drag. Because lift and drag are both aerodynamic forces, the ratio of lift to drag is an indication of the aerodynamic efficiency of the airplane. The lift to drag ratio is the L/D ratio, pronounced “L over D ratio.” An airplane has a high L/D ratio if it produces a large amount of lift or a small amount of drag. The lift/drag ratio is determined by dividing the lift Aircraft Ocean blue polo shirt coefficient by the drag coefficient, CL/CD. The lift coefficient Cl is equal to the lift L divided by the The lift coefficient is also affected by the compressibility of the air, which is much greater at higher speeds, so velocity V is not a linear function. Compressibility is also affected by the shape of the aircraft surfaces.

Lift to drag ratios for practical aircraft vary from about 4:1 for vehicles and birds with relatively short wings, up to 60:1 or more for vehicles with very long wings, such as gliders. A greater angle of attack relative to the forward movement also increases the extent of deflection, and thus generates extra lift. However a greater angle of attack also generates extra drag. Lift/drag ratio also determines the glide ratio and gliding range. Since the glide ratio is based only on the relationship of the aerodynamics forces acting on the aircraft, aircraft weight will not affect it. The only effect weight has is to vary the time that the aircraft will glide for – a heavier aircraft gliding at a higher airspeed will arrive at the same touchdown point in a shorter time.

All of the band members met as performers with Germany’s first folk rock band The City Preachers , formed by Irishman John O’Brien Docker in Hamburg in 1965. In 1968, the band had split, with O’Brien Docker and several other members parting company. Singer Inga Rumpf, a distinctive “un feminine” sounding vocalist often compared favourably with Janis Joplin, continued to use the band name with a line up including drummer Udo Lindenberg, singer Dagmar Krause, French organist Jean Jacques Kravetz and bassist Karl Heinz Schott. In the spring of 1969, Lindenberg left to pursue a solo career and was replaced by Carsten Bohn, who by November that year had grown disappointed with Krause and called for the band to pursue a new creative direction, “a fusion of rock, blues, classical, folk and psychedelic.”


[LIMITED] Aircraft Ocean blue polo shirt


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