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Write some letter make a word some words make a sentence poster : In 1617, he was ordained a priest and sent to Dang Trong to work at Hoi An headquarters. Through 1618, Pina settled in Saltwater with Buzomi and Borri, Italians.In 1619, he went to Thanh Chiem to buy land to build a church and in 1623 established Thanh Chiem residence. Pina drowned on the coast of Quang Nam on December 15, 1625.On that occasion, the Portuguese ship went from Cambodia to Macau, anchored in Quang Nam waters, near Cu Lao Cham, Pina and a Vietnamese rowed out to the ship to get service items.When returning to the shore, suddenly the storm broke out, the boat overturned, Pina drowned because she was caught in her robe, and the other man swam to the shore to escape. According to Father Do Quang Chinh, he was taken to Hoi An for a solemn funeral.Recently, according to Mr. Dinh Trong Tuyen – Thanh Chiem people are very interested in the national language, Pina is buried behind Phuoc Kieu Church, now St. Andre Church, the main church he bought land and built the first year. 1619, belongs to Thanh Chiem 1 village, Dien Phuong commune, Dien Ban district, Quang Nam province. Write some letter make a word some words make a sentence poster : The Latinization of phonetics, especially those of the countries using hieroglyphs, was practiced by the clergy from the 15-16 century. These Latinization works are done with the sole purpose of making the Christian scriptures readable to the sheep, so that this doctrine can be more powerful.For Vietnamese, Pina also Latinized with the above purpose.As soon as he arrived in Hoi An, Pina started learning Vietnamese and in a very short time, he was able to converse with native speakers without going through an interpreter. Rabbi Gaspar Luis, who came to Dang Trong in 1624 with Dac Lo, recorded the following: “Priest De Pina arrived in Dang In 1617. It was the first missionary who diligently studied the voice”.When Dac Lo arrived at Thanh Chiem in 1624, he saw Pina preaching the Bible without translation. And Pina is also the only missionary teaching the Bible in Vietnamese at Thanh Chiem.Not only that, to be able to study Vietnamese more properly, he applied to Thanh Chiem in 1619, before this residence was established in 1623. Write some letter make a word some words make a sentence poster : In the document that Roland Jacques found, he wrote: “For the study of voice, Ke Cham is still the best place as the imperial center (at this time Thanh Chiem, or Ke Cham, is the site of residence). Quang Nam Palace).Hoi An was formerly the economic capital of Dang Trong and was an important market town, a major commercial center of the Central region. Due to being a commercial and trading area, the population is also mixed, and the language is mixed.Meanwhile, Thanh Chiem was the political “capital” of Dang. During this period, his voice was more stable and there were more literal literacy intellectuals. Therefore, Pina\’s selection is clearly aimed at a more precise study of the Vietnamese language. In this place, he also established a good relationship with the governor of the town..Write some letter make a word some words make a sentence poster :