HOT What Can I Think Instead Poster

HOT What Can I Think Instead  Poster
It can be said that the ability to think is one of the most valuable, most applicable skills you need to pay attention to. Because today with the development of high technology and knowledge, people work on thinking skills, no longer an industrial age, based on muscular health. You need to know how to apply your knowledge, skills, experience to your work to bring better results, no matter what your business or job is. You must use it to collect, analyze and use information, make decisions as well as collaborate with others to solve problems, contribute ideas, and improve yourself. According to studies, more than half of the skills employees need for any job are related to thinking ability.
HOT What Can I Think Instead  Poster
What Can I Think Instead Poster1
The potential of the human brain is enormous. Norman Cousins ​​once said that even the universe with billions of stars is not as complex and marvelous as the human brain. This shows that each person’s brain is very miraculous while not using up 20% of their energy, potential. This is the most intricate and mysterious part of our body. Therefore, let the brain work, always train your thinking skills for everything to achieve good results, achieve success.
Without thinking but just copying and copying like a machine from others, you will be hard to develop as well as society never really develops. Those who do not have the habit of asking questions, are unable to explore, make choices will be difficult to advance in life. The ability to think and think well will help young people develop themselves, achieve achievements, succeed in the present and the future.
Thinking skills are not intelligence, so they cannot be combined as one. Because a child may be smart but the thinking skills are not really good. Thinking takes skills, helping one person to think smarter than others. The most talented people in the world like Newton, Einstein, and Darwin are the ones who know how to ask questions, not just more brains than humans. That is the core of high-order thinking. With passion, curiosity and curiosity, patience, they have made outstanding achievements in science.

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