Jurassic poop hold on your butt poster


The two main roles belonged to Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard and they really fulfilled their roles, although the impression left for the audience was not much because of being overshadowed by the 4-legged animals. The feeling of the reviewer is that the behaviorist Owen of Chris Pratt is the Star Lord of the Marvel Universe after he retired to the earth because of his bum, but also his mentality. In general, the guy still has a hard time escaping from his superhero role, while the girl Claire acts as his assistant. In addition, in the team of good people, there are little girls Maise, Zia and Franklin added to create a variety of colors for the movie, but not really impressed.
The film’s villain is played by Rafe Spall. This guy doesn’t look evil, but he has a crazy nature so his role isn’t that bad. The other supporting actors do not have many names but the acting is okay and creates drama for the movie. Enjoy the review score 8/10 for the acting of the dinosaurs.
In short, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is an extremely worth watching movie this June because of its extremely high level of entertainment. A diverse and vibrant dinosaur world drawn by filmmakers is extremely fascinating in the film. Surely you cannot take your eyes off the screen because of the brutality but also very lovable of this reptile throughout the movie. Come to theaters now to experience this blockbuster.

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Jurassic poop hold on your butt poster

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