Believe in yourself hereford cow poster

Believe in yourself hereford cow poster


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Cows have a stomach with 4 compartments including rumen, honeycomb, locust, and star fruit, with rumen being the largest compartment. The hive is the smallest compartment. Cows sometimes eat metal objects they accumulate in the hive’s stomach and irritation from metal objects causes hardware diseases. The main function of the splenomegaly is to absorb water and nutrients from digestible food. The abscission is like the human stomach, and this is why it is called the “real stomach”.

Cows are ruminants, so their digestive system allows the use of hard-to-digest foods by chewing food over and over again. Chewing allows special microorganisms in the rumen to digest food. These microorganisms function to break down cellulose and other carbohydrates into more volatile fatty acids, which cows use as basic metabolic fuel. Microorganisms in the rumen also synthesize amino acids from non-protein nitrogen sources such as urea and ammonia. Since these microorganisms reproduce in the rumen, the older generations die and their cells continue on the digestive tract. These cells are then partially digested by the cow, allowing for a high-quality protein source. These characteristics allow cows to thrive on grass and other vegetation.

Believe in yourself hereford cow poster

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