God surrounded by Flamingo angels Poster

God surrounded by Flamingo angels Poster

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God surrounded by Flamingo angels Poster The name “flamingo” comes from the Portuguese or Spanish flamengo, “flame color”, which in turn comes from Provençal flamenc from the flama “flame” and the German-like suffix -ing , which may have been influential. of the flamenco Spanish word “Fleming” or “Flemish”. Recent molecular studies have suggested a relationship with grebes , while morphological evidence also strongly supports a relationship between flamingos and grenades. They have at least 11 common morphological features that are not found in other birds. Many of these features have been previously identified on flamingos, but not on flamingos. Fossil palaelodids can be considered evolutionary and ecologically intermediate between flamingos and flamingos. For the genus grebe-flamingo , taxonomy Mirandornithes (“miracle birds” due to their extreme ability to differentiate and apomorphies) have been proposed. Alternatively, they can be arranged in an order, favoring the Phoenocopteriformes. Generic name Phoenicopterus (from Greek: φοινικόπτερος phoinikopteros), literally “blood-red feathers” whose etymology is similar to the common name; Other expenses include Phoeniconaias , means ” crimson / red water nymph (or Naiad)”, and phoenicoparrus , means “crimson / red bird (though, an unknown bird species in omens )”.

God surrounded by Flamingo angels Poster Traditionally, the long-legged Ciconiiformes , possibly a paraphyletic assemblage , has been considered the flamingo’s closest relative, and the family has been included in the order. Usually, the ibises and spoonbills of Threskiornithidae are considered their closest relatives in this order. Earlier genomic studies, such as those by Charles Sibley and colleagues, also support this relationship. The relationship with waterfowl is also considered, especially flamingosParasitic by feather lice of this genus, found only on ducks and geese. Species of presbyornithids in particular are used to argue for the close relationship between flamingos, waterfowl, and waders. A 2002 paper concluded they were waterfowl , but a comprehensive 2014 study of birds found that flamingos and graybirds are not waterfowl, but part of the Columbea along with pigeons and sandgrouse and mesites .

God surrounded by Flamingo angels Poster
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