You don’t stop racing when you get old poster

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According to the verification of the reporter of Nguoi Lao Dong Newspaper, D.T.D and N.H.T.D used to go online to show off their achievements in blocking highways for racing on social networks. After being invited to work by the authorities, the two suddenly emerged as a social networking phenomenon, an “idol” in the illegal racing world when the amount of interaction of each account reached more than tens of thousands of people. The subjects continuously posted many pictures and articles that provoked, instigated, and encouraged to participate in “car training”, performing on the road. At the same time, according to the number of followers, the subjects sold all kinds of “tuning cars” to teenagers with the same passion.|Explaining the reason why “monster drivers” are still blatantly roaming around and becoming more and more difficult to treat, reader Tan Phat said: “I have watched many arrests of illegal racing subjects but have never heard of subjects having to go to jail. If only administrative fines for the crime of gathering to cause public disorder, making a record of sanctioning errors related to unsafe vehicles, impounding the vehicle and then returning it, this situation still persists. Traffic order and safety will be threatened”.|Reader Hong Ngoc pointed out: “When the “furnaces” of cars are still innocent, “monsters” exist.There should be regulations to severely punish these “furnaces” for breaking the design of the safety technical standards of the car. In addition, this is abetting law violations.”

You don’t stop racing when you get old poster
You dont stop racing when you get old poster as

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