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 Just call me pretty and take me fishing Shirt   A man casts his fishing netFishing nets, which are used to enclose fish, are made in a wide variety of styles and sizes depending on the origin and intended use. Landing nets, for example, are used to hold the fish once it is pulled in. Fishing nets have been made for thousands of years based on the particular materials at hand that can be formed into a relatively thin, strong thread and made into a mesh, which is often knotted. Modern nets are usually made of artificial polyamides like nylon, although nets of organic polyamides such as wool or silk thread were common until recently and are still used in certain areasIce fishingIce fishing is the practice of catching fish with lines and hooks through an opening in the ice on a frozen body of water. It is practiced by hunter-gatherers such as the Inuit and by recreational anglers in cold or continental climates.Fish traps / trap netsTraps are culturally almost universal and seem to have been independently invented many times. There are essentially two types of trap, a permanent or semi-permanent structure placed in a river or tidal area and pot-traps that are baited to attract prey and periodically lifted.Just call me pretty and take me fishing Shirt   Indigenous Australians were, prior to European colonization, most populous in Australia\’s better-watered areas such as the Murray-Darling river system of the southeast. Here, where water levels fluctuate seasonally, indigenous people constructed ingenious stone fish traps.[9] Unfortunately, most have been completely or partially destroyed. The largest and best known were the Brewarrina fish traps on the Barwon River at Brewarrina in New South Wales. The Brewarinna fish traps caught huge numbers of migratory native fish as the Barwon River rose in flood and then fell. In southern Victoria, indigenous people created an elaborate systems of canals, some more than 2 km long. The purpose of these canals was to catch eels, a fish of short coastal rivers (as opposed to rivers of the Murray-Darling system). The eels were caught by a variety of traps including stone walls constructed across canals with a net placed across an opening in the wall. Traps at different levels in the marsh came into operation as the water level rose and fell. Somewhat similar stone wall traps were constructed by native American Pit River people in north-eastern California. Just call me pretty and take me fishing Shirt   A technique called dam fishing is used by the Baka pygmies. This involves the construction of a temporary dam resulting in a drop in the water levels downstream—allowing fish to be collected easily.[11]In medieval Europe, large fishing weir structures were constructed from wood posts and wattle fences. \’V\’ shaped structures in rivers could be as long as 60 meters and worked by directing fish toward fish traps or nets. Such fish traps were evidently controversial in medieval England. The Magna Carta includes a clause requiring that they be removed:All fish-weirs shall be removed from the Thames, the Medway, and throughout the whole of England, except on the sea coast.[12]Fish trapping system of the Wagenya people in CongBasket weir fish traps were widely used in ancient times. They are shown in medieval illustrations and surviving examples have been found. Basket weirs are about 2 meters long and comprise two wicker cones, one inside the other—easy to get into and hard to get out.[13The Wagenya people, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, build a huge system of wooden tripods across the river. These tripods are anchored on the holes naturally carved in the rock by the water current. To these tripods are anchored large baskets, which are lowered into the rapids to “sieve” the waters for fish. It is a very selective fishing, as these baskets are quite big and only large size fish are trapped. Twice a day the adult Wagenya people pull out these baskets to check whether there are any fish caught; in which case somebody will dive into the river to fetch it.ust call me pretty and take me fishing Shirt