In a world full of princesses Be a firefighter Shirt


In a world full of princesses Be a firefighter Shirt BY LISA FLOWERS/AUG. 2, 2018 10:08 AM EDTBeauty is, of course, an eternally subjective concept. But there is an enduring archetype of fairytale beauty — like something out of the brothers Grimm or Hans Christian Andersen.  And sometimes, the glamour of the quintessential fairytale princess equates to the glamour of real-life royalty.n this day and age, people like Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are certainly perpetuating the elegant sophistication that figures like the late Princess Diana brought to British royalty. But the world has always had its share of princesses and queens who were so stunning they could have (and, indeed, sometimes did) come straight out of a silver screen era Hollywood (or Disney) film. Some of these women are well-known and others have been largely lost to the obscurity of pop culture, if not history. But all of the below figures are definitely as dazzling as anything out of a storybook, in their own waysPrincess Fawzia of EgyptWikipedia CommonsDescribed by The New York Times Magazine as “a more luscious version of Hedy Lamarr, a softer Vivien Leigh,” Princess Fawzia of Egypt was breathtaking. The daughter of King Fuad I, son of Ismail the Magnificent, and Queen Nazli Sabri, the princess grew up in opulence and luxuryIn a world full of princesses Be a firefighter Shirt In 1939, through an arranged marriage at age 17, Fawzia wed Mohammed Reza, the crown prince of Iran. The couple had a daughter, Princess Shahnaz. But the marriage was not a happy one for Fawzia. In 1942, the princess (who later became empress of Iran after her husband became shah) was photographed for Life magazine by Cecil Beaton, who remarked upon the contrast between her perfect and sculpted features and her “sad and mournful eyes.”Eventually, Fawzia divorced the shah, remarried, got happier, and had two other children. She died at the impressive age of 91 in 2013. Grace Kelly of MonacoGetty ImagesGrace Kelly, unarguably the most famous movie-star-turned-princess who ever lived, started out as an actress whose talent was commensurate with her beauty. She gave stunning performances in 1953\’s Mogambo and 1954\’s The Country Girl, and was mesmerizing in the three films she did with Alfred Hitchcock.In a world full of princesses Be a firefighter Shirt Despite the promise of her career, Kelly chose to “retire” from acting when she met Prince Rainier III of Monaco in 1955. In 1956, the two wed. Though Hitchcock subsequently approached Kelly and asked her to play the lead role in Marnie (which ended up going to Tippi Hedren), Kelly declined, citing her royal duties. Apparently because of royal propriety, her films were banned in Monaco, and some say that she went on to regret giving up her career. Kelly tragically died in a car accident at the age of 52, but the legacy of her glamour and intelligence lives on.Rita HaywortGetty ImagesGrace Kelly\’s royal associations may be widely known, but not as many people know that one of her contemporaries, the equally famous Rita Hayworth, was also a princess (at least for a while).In a world full of princesses Be a firefighter Shirt