I don\’t know how my story ends but it will never say i gave up Shirt


 I don\’t know how my story ends but it will never say i gave up Shirt  Another massive part of Frank\’s legacy would be the development of printed magazines, which came when mass printing of small books was made more affordable. Print magazines have fluctuated in recent years and we have made it possible to have digital media be our main source of reading.In 1939 the ‘Magical Box’ was invented that would be known as the television. The first television broadcast was Franklin D Roosevelt on NBC. After the first broadcast was sent off, the company RCA began to sell televisions, and it became a huge hit. Since the TV was designed to look just like furniture, it was appealing to consumers and fit right in every living room. The first commercial arcade video game was created in 1971 and called Computer Space. It was produced by a company called Nutting Associates. Video games would go on to become one of the most popular mediums for telling simple stories of the 20th and 21st centuries. By presenting to the world a new way to be in a story, video games have made it possible for you to be put yourself in the shoes of a characters and go adventures and journeys as if it were real.don\’t know how my story ends but it will never say i gave up Shirt   The 1980\’s was the time for crazy perms, insane outfits, a rocker attitude, and music that made you get up and dance. It was also the time when music videos had come to prominence and were used to give deeper meaning to the song in the video. It was the start to a decade that was upbeat and craving something different. People created and shared music videos to spread ideas through music. This was a mixture of audio and visual that told stories in a whole new way.In this day and age, having a social media account means you have access to see everyone\’s life without actually being there. With social media looking someone up on the internet has never been easier. The internet has created a space for blogs, posting pictures, and events that you attend. Social media has become the modern way we tell the stories of our lives and in the 21st-century, social media is a time capsule for all humankind.The evolution of storytelling in reflects how people learn and communicate. Through oral storytelling or written storytelling, the voice of narration will always have a way place and a purpose. Though the mediums have changed, the core concept of using a sequence of events in an exciting narrative has remained the sameI don\’t know how my story ends but it will never say i gave up Shirt  Traditional Storytelling is how history was created and how it was developed. In the new generation of VR, we are taking bigger steps into the modern world and are creating a social aspect of storytelling. In some ways with the advent of VR in the modern era, we have circled back to visual storytelling as brands strive to find their narrative. Below is an infographic to put the complicated history of storytelling in a more vertical fashion! REVIOUS STOR← How to Use Social Media Photos for StorytellingNEXT STORYThe Step-By-Step Guide to Telling Your Brand\’s Story →You May Also LikeThese Stories on Storytelling Tools and Techniques don\’t know how my story ends but it will never say i gave up Shirt