Cheech and Chong 50th anniversary 1971 2021 Shirt   “Tommy Chong has got the munchies. It’s early afternoon in locked-down LA, and last night he was on the pot cookies. “My wife, Shelby, just made a whole batch of them – oatmeal and maple syrup.” He stops to correct himself. “I put the pot in there, and of course I put too much in. Last night it got me almost comatose. Shelby got kinda mad at me. You know like when a kid gets so stoned all you do is sit there and grin.” Chong is 82 next month.He sounds about four decades younger – his voice is deep, sexy, pulsing with life. Chong is one half of the most famous stoner comic partnership in history, Cheech and Chong. In the 1970s, they not only sold out their live shows, they topped the album charts and had huge box-office hits with movies such as Up in Smoke and Cheech and Chong’s Next Movie. The double-act were as radical as they were bonkers. And while the films were ostensibly about two aspiring rock stars in search of the next spliff, they introduced audiences to a downtown, multiracial Los Angeles rarely seen in movies..Cheech and Chong 50th anniversary 1971 2021 Shirt   “Their characters, Pedro de Pacas (Richard “Cheech” Marin ) and Anthony “Man” Stoner (Chong), were hopeless wasters, but heroically so. In their frequent spats with the police, they invariably won – even if they didn’t have a clue how or indeed even notice that they had.Tommy Chong, left, and Cheech Marin in Cheech and Chong in Concert, 1973.Feel the vibe … Tommy Chong, left, and Cheech Marin in Cheech and Chong in Concert, 1973. Photograph: ABC Photo Archives/WaltDisney Television via Getty ImagesBut there is more to Chong than Cheech, as he is quick to point out today. After they split up he enjoyed success as a solo comic and businessman (though that ended up in a jail sentence). Before Cheech and Chong, he was a guitarist with Bobby Taylor and the Vancouvers, co-writing their hit single Does Your Mama Know About Me – a gorgeous song about a mixed-race relationship. Although they only had the one hit, the band were influential – something Chong is again quick to point out. A young Jimi Hendrix played with them, and they were partly responsible for the Jackson Five (who opened for them in 1968) signing to Motown. Or rather Chong was.Cheech and Chong 50th anniversary 1971 2021 Shirt    England is probably the most racist country in the world with its royalty and its caste systemHe may have a lot of time for Harry and Meghan, but not for the royal family as a whole. “England itself is probably the most racist country in the world with its royalty and its caste system.” Chong does not like to hold back. “You still have the system that colonised the world. Meghan wasn’t white enough. She would never be white enough. I can see why they left. Megan could never be accepted into the royal family. She knew that and the whole family did. The whole English system is set up that way.”From the royals he turns to Donald Trump. He doesn’t know Trump personally, but he says he remembers coming across his type as a young man in British Columbia. “I knew people like Trump all my life in Canada – we called them gangsters. And they hung around the Stock Exchange in Vancouver. That’s where his grandpa made all his money. Running whores, and gambling joints and bootlegging.” Cheech and Chong 50th anniversary 1971 2021 Shirt