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[LUXURY] Cat nice butt poster

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Cat nice butt poster

Early 19th-century ideals required homemaking be the responsibility of the woman; “the wife is properly supposed to be the light and centre of the home.”Traditional wives who stayed home and did not work were required by social ideals to create and maintain a peaceful space to provide to her husband and children. For women in a pre-modern environment, “it is the duty and privilege and solemn responsibility, which make this art of home-making more interesting and important to her than any other art in the world.” Author of these statements, Annie Swan was not alone in the late 1800s viewpoint that women were encouraged, if not required, to maintain the home solely themselves.

[LUXURY] Cat nice butt poster [LUXURY] Cat nice butt poster [LUXURY] Cat nice butt poster [LUXURY] Cat nice butt poster

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